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Our profound puzzle Now we face a number of particularly difficult and confusing problems—puzzling puzzles that are foreboding, yet continue to fester.These include global warming, income disparities, and declining democracy.

Diplomacy discovers that chess isn’t much of a model when faced with guerrila warfare. Has pat schooling killed our capacity for discovery?

Choose the proper words or move the proper pieces while respecting the proper rules to make the proper picture. As for adults, look at how much of medicine, management, politics, and life has succumbed to pat programming.

I want to fly with ideas, not be grounded by some rules. (I took this photo of that table in Toronto.) In a puzzling puzzle 1. Get the patient or the problem into a category, a box where clean-cut pieces can be connected correctly.

The couple, married for more than 35 years, struggled to conceive daughter Amy, now 14, and underwent six rounds of IVF before falling pregnant.

While Gadhia began her career as an accountant at Ernst and Young, she quickly rose up the ranks via management roles at Norwich Union and eventually found herself running Royal Bank of Scotland's £65billion mortgage business.

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